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The company

Highest demands on product quality, sustainability, innovation and the stamp portfolio characterise our family business Heri- Rigoni from Fischbach in the Black Forest. As a regionally rooted market leader in the field of stamping pens, we have managed to maintain the balance between tradition and the demands of the globalised world in all areas of the company since it was founded more than 60 years ago. You can feel, sense and see this in every product.

Now in its third generation, our family business has managed to adapt the values of yesteryear to the modern demands of today without losing its sense of quality, design and reliability. Sustainability, creativity and the highest standards are always in the foreground.


In addition to the uncompromising demands on function, design and a clear language of form are in the foreground. Decades of experience and concentration on one product theme make us the leading manufacturer in the industry. Anyone who “writes” and “stamps” with a stamping pen enjoys the original experience of writing something on paper for eternity and is once again a pioneer instead of part of an anonymous mass.

Our products are not mass-produced. Since many parts are manufactured in-house or exclusively for us by selected suppliers, small series and custom-made products are also possible – an invaluable advantage for sophisticated, individual products.

Company history

60 years! 60 years of the highest level of expertise in the stamp sector. 60 years of a family business. 60 years of developments, ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, diligence, perseverance and change. But we have always remained true to a few things: the claim to achieve the best possible individuality, the best quality and sustainable production for you with our range.

Our founder, Herbert Rigoni, started as a one-man company in a barn with the development of a simple pen with a stamp function. Today, our portfolio contains more than 40 products, all of which are manufactured in our own production facilities in Fischbach.



  • 1 June 1961 – Foundation of the company in Fischbach by Herbert Rigoni.
  • until 1963: Activity as a supplier of precision parts for the Black Forest watch industry, parallel product development of the stamping pen.
  • 1986: With Armin Rigoni the 2nd generation Rigoni joins the company.
  • 1996: Michael Rigoni joins the company management in the technical area.
  • 2019: Adrian Rigoni continues the family tradition in the 3rd generation.

Product development

  • Many complex production processes can only be achieved with highly qualified, motivated employees and state-of-the-art technology.
  • These complex production processes are carried out by Heri’s long-serving employees with team spirit and commitment; every work step is part of the whole.
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