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Stamping Pens made by heri

Individual stamp – Here’s how it works

When you buy a stamping pen, you have the option of personalizing the stamp provided online. The stamping pen comes with a 12-digit voucher code.
With this code, you, your customer or your end customer can conveniently redeem the stamp online at with the desired text. The individual stamp plate will be produced within a few days and sent to the specified delivery address.

This online service for individual stamp production is available for both stamping techniques,
self-ink and pre-ink available.

You are welcome to go through the ordering process with the test code: 1111-1111-1111.

The postage for shipping within Germany and the EU as well as all other costs are already covered by the purchase of the voucher. There are no additional costs. Mounting the stamp is quick and easy. Instructions for use are supplied with the stamp plate.

Stamping techniques

All our stamping pens and travelstamps are available in self-ink and pre-ink versions.


Stamping with stamping cushions. Precision stamping mechanism made of nickel-plated die-cast zinc and glass-fibre reinforced plastic. Stamp carrier interchangeable. Stamping cushion made of PUR foam coated with cotton fabric, stamp ink black. All parts Made in EU.

For rubber and polymer stamps with a thickness of 2. 00 to 2.30 mm


Stamping without stamping cushion, stamping ink integrated in the stamp. Precision stamping mechanism made of nickel-plated die-cast zinc. Stamp carrier interchangeable. All parts Made in Germany.

For flash stamps with a thickness of 2. 00 to 2. 30 mm as well as for all other pre-ink systems.

Our series

Here you can find all our stamping pen series.

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