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Flash technology

Easy handling – high-quality stamping without stamping cushions! With our flash system it is possible to produce high-quality stamps without stamping cushions. The Flash Machine comes with all the necessary materials to allow you to produce logo and text stamps in all languages. Handling is very easy and guarantees a high quality stamp for your customer.

Mini Flash Machine

One stamp per production process

Production time per stamp: 2 minutes

Dimensions: 70x110x50 mm

Weight: 360g

Power requirements: 110V or 220V

Stamp material

We offer you everything you need to easily produce a professional stamp.

  • Flash material that is already tailored to the different sizes of the stamp writing models.
  • Film material for printing the stamp text
  • Safety foil
  • Special adhesive tape
  • Colour containers
  • Dosing tip
  • Black stamping ink

To see how the mini 3S flash machine works,

watch the video on YouTube.


We offer you the right template for every stamp size.

Download here >>>

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