SWITCH Stamp Request

Request of stamps

Order with Online Code

The voucher with online access code has
a 12-digit number. Fill in this serial number at:

www.stempelservice.com >>>

Fill out then the following pages, the desired stamp
text etc. Choose stamp print and order online. Your
stamp will be produced within a few days and sent
to the indicated address − of course free of charge.

Active individual personalization and customer loyalty

Individually made stamps turn HERI – products into
something very unique, as the recipient of the pro-
motional gift chooses the text and the font style for
the stamp himself. Each article is delivered with an
online voucher.
With the 12-digit access code the stamp can be
requested at www.stempelservice.com. Due to
QR-code easy stamp order with the Smartphone.
Each stamp is individually made and will be sent
to the mailing address within a few days. Without
extra charge and worldwide!
The added instructions show the easy insertion
of the stamp. The online voucher is included in
the price of each article and never loses its value.

Test with access code: 1111-1111-1111

Personalised promotional gifts by HERI –
Decades of success through quality and inter-
national stamp service.


Guarantees customer contact with Online Marke-
ting. Take advantage of this additional advertising
potential. The perfect tool for the marketing mix.
More information and many case studies at:

www.stempelservice-online-marketing.com >>>