The advantages of heri StampPens with 3S-Flashstamp in an overall view:

  • You can easily produce the stamp die. We supply the favorable 3S-Mini-Flashstamp-production-machine, the stamp materials and the know-how.
  • The individual address stamp creates an unique article for only one owner.
  • The practical use on letters, envelopes, greeting cards, forms, beer mats and napkins, etc.
  • The unsurpassable connection of hand written and a stamp with personal address.
  • The user remembers the advertising message due to the practical daily use – efficient corperate identity.     
  • Writing with a giant refill in the world wide standard G2-format.
  • stamping without any stamp pad.
  • Perfect easy handling “Made in Germany”.

More personal is impossible!

1 Stamp per production process

Flash production per stamp: 2 minutes

Max stamps per hour: 10 pieces

Measures: 70x110x50 mm

Weight: 360 g

Power requirements: 110V or 220V

Power consumption: 25 W


Easy handling – high quality stamp without any ink pad!

Owing to our product, the 3S-Flash   System , it is now possible for you to produce high quality pre-ink stamps by yourself.   This pre-ink system works with an exposing machine. The 3S-Flash unit will be delivered with all necessary materials making it possible to produce text stamps in all languages and logo stamps.

All you need is a computer and a laser printer with at least 1200 or better 2400 dpi to get later a perfect stamp imprints!


The handling is very easy and guarantees a high quality stamp for your customers.

The 3 single s teps ( 3S ) of the stamp production are:


1. print the desired stamp text or logo onto the foil

     -cut out the text or logo in the size of the stamp

     -stick the foil on the 3S-Flash stamp material

2. flash the stamp

3. ink the stamp

Finally you put the ready stamp into the pen and the writing instrument is personalized.



Stamp material

We offer you everything you need to produce professional stamps in an easy way

  • 3S-Flash Material for low-cost production, already cut to fit into the different StampPens series.
  • foil to print the stamp text on
  •  protection foil
  • special adhesive tape
  • Inking trays
  • black stamping ink.



3S Flash Stamp ink

Bottles with 25ml, sufficient for about 60 stamps, available in red, green, blue, violet, orange and gold. Made by and for the COLOP EOS flash system.



We offer you ready made template for your typesetting of the stamp artwork.

Please download the here https://www.heri.de/download-daten




Why selling the heri StampPens with 3S-Flash stamp technology:

  • First of all we have to view the StampPens form the stamp side. For the end user it is much simpler to handle a StampPen with flash stamp than with self-ink stamp as most stamps still are made from polymer and not by Laser in rubber quality.
  • As most users are pressing the stamp too hard onto the paper the flash material is stronger and the imprint is more clearly readable.
  • As the end user does not want to wait to long for the individual stamp the 3S- Flashstamp machine offers a fast and ready made product, right on the spot.
  • If you are a distributor of e.g.   trodat, Colop, Shiny and others use the 3S- Mini Flash Machine to open the door for the flash technology in general. With the very cheap, easy but perfect in quality 3S-Mini Flash Machine the potential reseller for flash products are able to do the first steps into these technology. Later the offer will be to take back the Mini Flash Machine with credit and sell a bigger professional flash system and the wide range of hand stamps as well.
  • The selling price for the StampPen is cheaper by using the very cheap Mini Flash Machine and Flash Material as there is almost no factor of repayment for the investment.