About us

Owner | Management

Armin Rigoni
Graduated Industrial Economist.
Since february 1986 responsible for
the sales department and marketing.
Managing director since 1998.
Leading Shareholder since 2002.


Michael Rigoni
Graduated Engineer of Mechanic.
Since 1996 responsible for tech-
nique, production and innovation.
Managing director since 1998.
Leading Shareholder since 2002

Founder of the company

Herbert Rigoni
Founder of the company.
Technical development of the
writing and stamping instruments.
50 patents worldwide.
Minority Shareholder


Gisela Rigoni
Shareholder until 2002


The company




June 01 · 1961 - Foundation of the company in Fischbach
by Herbert Rigoni.
First stamping pen
First own production site
So far last extension
June 01 · 2011 - 50th Company Anniversary
New Company name - Heri-Rigoni
Acquisition of Emotion Factory GmbH, which until the belonged
to Jung Group. The range of promotional items is more
attractive than ever with this product range expansion.


Fischbach/Black Forest

Fischbach is fairly situated at 700m between the cities of Villingen-
Schwenningen and Rottweil. The beauty of the Black Forest landscape and
the sunny character give a special charme to the village.The central place
and the easy connections to the trains, the highways to Stuttgart/ Francfort/
Munich as well as Freiburg/ Basel/Zürich and via Straßburg to France -
and therefore to all international airports - secure the successful connec-
tions to the main business areas.


Product Development















AUTOMATIK - the unique and successful stamping pen
STYLING – competitors were shocked
New pre-ink technology for stamping pens
DIAGONAL - the first stamping pen with giant refill G2
PROMESA - Elegant fountain pen with stamp
NATURE LINE - writing & stamping with wooden case
DO-IT-YOURSELF stamping pen with "Do-it-Yourself stamp"
MASTER CLASSIC - first rollerball with stamp
NEW STYLING - new design
DIAGONAL GRAPH - lead pencil
Rigoni – SWITCH  write & stamp - high-quality plastic stamping pen
NEW – Injection Casting
NEW DIAGONAL - design up to the minute
TRAVEL STAMP - easy identity
NEW – Laser technology
NEW colors and surfaces
for the complete modelrange
NEW – Jig Manufacturing
DIAGONAL COLOR - elegant combination of metal and quality plastic
COLOR LIGHT · CLASSIC LIGHT - Quality plastic,
metal parts Pearl Chrome
COLOR EXCLUSIVE - Gloss lacquer, metal parts gold plated
x20 StampPen ** Promotional Gift Award 2006 **
Design write and stamp instrument in high-quality plastic
x20 PaperPen/ ContainerPen/ SudokuPen
NEW ROMESA - Classic fountain pen · Elegant Rollerball
STYLING CLASSIC ** Promotional Gift Award 2009 **
Design write and stamp instrument in high-quality
NEW TRAVEL STAMP - Practical, handy pocket stamp
** Silver Effect**

New products and novel surface.
New Website: www.stempelservice-online-marketing.com
DIAGONAL WAVE - Elegant Design with waved gripping surface
DOPPELSTEMPEL - 2 in 1 Multi stamp
USB-Stamp - Design USB-Stick 2 G with integrated stamp
Casing Carbon and Aluminum
STAMP&TOUCH PEN – 3 in 1 stamping pen
with soft-touch tip for any kind of touchscreens
CLASSIC G - Stamping Pens with ergonomic gripping surface

MINI STAMP&TOUCH PEN – 3 in 1 stamping pen
with soft-touch tip for any kind of touchscreens
USB-Stick 8GB – save & stamp 3 in 1

ONLINE STAMP SERVICE for 23 countries Guarantee worldwide
To request your stamp go to www.stempelservice.com.
Order of stamp with access code. Stamp is produced in
several days and sent to the indicated address.





History of the company

Company foundation

  The family-owned enterprise HERI looks back on more than 50 success-
ful years, founded by Herbert Rigoni in June 1961 in Fischbach in the
Black Forest. HERI has developed itself over the years from a one-man
service in a barn to a respectable and middle class enterprise which is
being continued with success by the second generation, Armin and
Michael Rigoni. First of all Herbert Rigoni produced as a supplier high-
class and fine mechanical precision parts for important regional compa-
nies and the traditional Black Forest clock industry. At the same time
Herbert Rigoni pursued the idea to develop an innovative and particular

The first sample

Success with
technique and design

  The sudden crises in the clock industry expedited the development of the
first writing instrument with integrated stamp, the crisis became the chan-
ce. Already in 1963 Herbert Rigoni creatively and imaginative launched
the first stamping pen – this was the beginning of an ongoing successful
story down to the present day. In the next decades more than 50 natio-
nal and international patents followed the first utility model application.
New design and innovations in the range of the stamp mechanics always
paved the way to new products. A significant increase in production and
in sales national, as well as on the ever increasing world market was
achieved by the success of the continually growing range of products.

Since 1988
with the second

New technologies
  In 1988 Armin Rigoni enlisted in the company and emphasized new fea-
tures in marketing as well as in the sales department. The engineering
and production area was amplified by Michael Rigoni in 1998. There-
with the successful way of the family-owned business was continued
with tireless entre-preneurial spirit by innovation, application and persis-
tence. The challenges of the global markets were accepted and the latest
technical requirements have been well implemented. The high demands
on quality and efficiency have been achieved with continuous capital
investments to be always up-to-date.

Ab 1999
own injection

  The manufacturing of plastics with own injection molding machines de-
monstrated a further milestone in 1999. Therewith HERI was able to es-
tablish new products – “Writing instruments with integrated stamp made
of plastics” under the brand name RIGONI. Until now the “Switch write &
stamp” as well as the “x20 StampPen” are very successful. Products es-
pecially designed for the young generation, creative in “cool colors” and
“trendy design”. All parts are injected and manufactured on the pre-
mises Heri-Rigoni.

A commited team

  The complicated operating processes  can only be achieved by highqua-
lified and motivated employees as well as the latest technology. Writing
instruments with integrated stamps are comparable with small mechani-
cal clock units. The complicated operation can only be executed in com-
plex and trained manual works, sure instinct as well as a lot of experience
are asked. Different small mechanical manufactured precision compo-
nents are accurately-fitting combined to a special function unit, an opera-
ting process, for which no automated alternative is available. These com-
plicated production processes are performed with team spirit and engage-
ment by the longstanding HERI-employees, each step is a part of the
whole. HERI and RIGONI products are no bulk goods. Limited-lot produc-
tions as well as custom-made products are possible as HERI produces a
lot of components itself or has selected suppliers, an invaluable edge for
ambitious and individual products.

Product innovations,
and awards

"A" vendor


Parallel to the development of the production, new products in the sector
of writing instruments were accrued continuously such as fountain pens,
roller-balls, pocket stamps as well as other stamp products with attractive
designs. International expert groups rewarded this accomplishment with
nominations and awards. Only the independence of the development, the
design and the production enabled this variety of products.

In the meantime HERI became a notable “A” vendor of the electronic
industry, the medical industry as well as the automotive industry –
the product portfolio includes plastic parts and plastic inserts up to a
weight of 89 g.

The environment
and sustainability
  Sustainable production has always been the guidance for the corporate
action of HERI. A responsible exposure to resources, the efficient use of
renewable energies – such as the electricity of photovoltaic technology –
heat recovery – through the use of heat exchange technology with the lost
heat of the machines – product longevity and the use of resources which
are mostly recyclable. Waste prevention and recycling as well as facility
and vehicle management are important components of the environmental
commitment of HERI. Because: “Only a healthy environment is the gua-
rantee for a healthy future”.


Heri-Rigoni GmbH

  All in all HERI is a solid grown family-owned company with a successful
and continuous business concept. Hereon and to the satisfaction of the
clients, the family Rigoni as well as their employees are justifiably very
proud. HERI – RIGONI, a successful German company history, which will
be continued for certain.

The change of name from „heri Geräte-Produktions GmbH“ into
„Heri-Rigoni GmbH“ connects the trade mark "heri" - internationally suc-
cessful for over 50 years - with the family name Rigoni. Of course the
registered and international known trade mark "heri" remains and keeps 
the complete model range distributed before by "Rigoni".


First stamping